With the new season quickly approaching, Pack the Bases projects the NC State baseball team depth chart.

We’re a month and a half into the new calendar year, and that means it’s almost time for baseball season once again. NC State wants to get the taste of June’s loss to Auburn out of its mouth quickly, and the Wolfpack will have the chance to do just that next Friday in the season opener against Bucknell.

State’s had many new additions as well as crucial losses from a year ago, so here’s how the Pack should line up in 2019.

DISCLAIMER: This is entirely based off of PTB’s own opinions and not from anything concretely released by the team or university.


  1. Patrick Bailey
  2. Brad Debo
  3. Luca Tresh

First Base

  1. Evan Edwards
  2. Brad Debo
  3. Luca Tresh

Second Base

  1. J.T. Jarrett
  2. Tyler McDonough
  3. David Vazquez


  1. Will Wilson
  2. Devonte Brown
  3. David Vazquez

Third Base

  1. Dillon Cooper
  2. Vojtech Mensik
  3. Devonte Brown

Left Field

  1. Lawson McArthur
  2. Marek Chlup
  3. Thayer Thomas

Center Field

  1. Terrell Tatum
  2. Lawson McArthur
  3. Marek Chlup

Right Field

  1. Jonny Butler
  2. Marek Chlup
  3. Thayer Thomas

Designated Hitter

  1. Brad Debo
  2. Vojtech Mensik
  3. Evan Edwards

Starting Pitcher

  1. Reid Johnston (Friday)
  2. Dalton Feeney (Saturday)
  3. Michael Bienlien (Sunday)
  4. Alec Barger
  5. David Harrison
  6. Jason Parker
  7. Joe Ingle


  1. Kent Klyman (CL)
  2. Nolan Clenney
  3. Austin Staley
  4. Nick Swiney
  5. Evan Justice
  6. Mathieu Gauthier

Projected Opening Day Batting Order

  1. Terrell Tatum (CF)
  2. Will Wilson (SS)
  3. Patrick Bailey (C)
  4. Evan Edwards (1B)
  5. J.T. Jarrett (2B)
  6. Brad Debo (DH)
  7. Dillon Cooper (3B)
  8. Jonny Butler (RF)
  9. Lawson McArthur (LF)

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